Vincent Van Go Go

Vincent Van Go Go consists of five members: Johannes ”Johs” Nørrelykke (vocals/guitar), Kristian ”Scooter” Kold (bass), Thomas ”Terry Tester” Månsson (Scratches/samples), Dennis Ahlgren (keys) og Janus Nevel Ringsted (Drums). The group is based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Vincent Van Go Go makes people dance, so naturally the group started out as resident band at a small club. Vincent Van Go Go soon caught the attention of a number of other Danish clubs including the renown Copenhagen club Mid Week Brakes at which the group gave bimonthly performances throughout 2004 and 2005.

Performance wise, Vincent Van Go Go makes an effort to stay in a constant state of renewal and has performed alongside artists such as Tina Dico, Jovi Joviniano, Camille Jones, Zaki, Per Vers, Peter A.G., Little T, Tom McEwan, Karen, MC Einar etc.

Vincent Van Go Go started recording the album in 2002. The album is recorded partly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and partly in the group’s own studio in Denmark. ”Our main goal is to make music with a positive vibe and make people dance. We believe that it’s possible to deal with serious issues in our songs and still stay positive on the whole. We aim to make people think about life while remaining hopeful about the future. This philosophy stems from a longtime fascination with Brazil and our trips down there continue to serve as a source of inspiration in our music”.

Where many Danish groups turn towards the melancholy of London and New York, Vincent Van Go Go has chosen the warmth and openness of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Vincent Van Go Go has made two consecutive trips to Rio and performed at various venues, among which Ipanema beach.

Vincent Van Go Go’s debut album “Do U Know?” was released in Denmark on January 23, 2006 on Murena Records