It all begins almost by coincidence in 1997 when, Giovanni Campagna and Dennis Lee meet to have a chat. Being individually signed to the same label, they both know of each other works but never had the chance to meet in person. It doesn’t take them long before the discovery of a common thread at the base of their ideas and to start laying down the foundations of what was to become Dynamoe.

Belgian label R&S Records pays attention to the combined talents of Dennis Lee and Giovanni Campagna and in 1999 releases the singles “TV Dinner”, and “TNT Bitch”, followed by the third single ”Hang On” then the album ”Jump Start” in 2001 under sub label Apollo. The album is well acclaimed by the press and the music business.

The duo head straight back to the studio to start the recording of new material. By 2003 Dynamoe ships a bunch of demos to various labels getting good feedback which leads to license deals on various compilations, among them Scandinavian label Murena Records which recognize the great potential behind the duo and takes the matter a step further signing a record deal with Dynamoe.

In December 2003 Dennis and Giovanni pays a visit to Martin Giles at the Alchemy Studio in London to master the forthcoming album and after a eight hours session ”Coming Home”, Dynamoe’s second album is ready to be pressed.

Dynamoe music comes in a form of an exceptionally well blended mix of electronic and live sounds. Giovanni and Dennis are experienced producers whom, with the aid of their programming skills and the use of additional musicians, create a hybrid of warm resonances, disharmonic ambience all wrapped up with slow groovy beats and soulful vocals.

Morten Varano head of Murena Records has no doubts: ”...this is great stuff, Dynamoe’s music appeals to a wide range of audience because of its nature; timeless yet up to date, I’m confident, these guys are a revelation...”

Giovanni says ”The keyword of this work has been ’silence’. Sound is the element that breaks the silence and if we are going to break the silence we have to do it with great respect and in a manner we think is appropriate... ”. Dennis replies:” ....each element has to be 110% valid in order to owe its place in a track, we never use any sound just out of trend or because it could be an easy way out...”

The guest musicians
Adrian Wilding, vocals, originally from London, meets with Dynamoe in a Copenhagen club while dj-ing in 1998, as the guys chats it becomes clear to Dennis and Giovanni that the timbre of Adrian voice would fit their music like a glove. Adrian pays Dynamoe a visit at the studio with the result of a four hours jam session which convinced both parties that a collaboration was inevitable.

Joy Morgan, vocals, she comes to an audition with Dynamoe in 2002, an experienced young soul singer, sweeps Giovanni and Dennis off their feet after just few
verses, she collaborates on two of the album tracks with great understanding of the music, soaking the atmosphere making it her own. One of the two tracks,
”In your own Time” has being picked as the first single of the album. Joy is also known for her feature on the acclaimed compilation project ”Nobody Beats the Beat”

Liz Wilson, vocals, from London UK, is the reincarnation of warmth, in her voice as well as in her personality, a devoted jazz/blues vocalist is introduced to Dynamoe by Saxophone player Fabrizio Mandolini in 2003 who is convinced she has to be the one who has to sing on the track Dynamoe is currently working on, and he is right! Liz hit the spot, Dennis and Giovanni succumb to the power of her vocal chords.

Philip Owusu, vocals, old Dynamoe’s friend he appears on one of the album track with an excellent performance, his bluesy interpretation of ”Absent” really lift things up. As for Joy, Philip is also known for his contribution to the ”Nobody Beat the Beats” project, along his collaboration with Allan Green on US label Naked Music.

Massimo Fiorentino, electric piano and organ, appears on all the tracks of the new album but one, Massimo’s electric pianos are one of the key elements of the new album, he gets into the Dynamoe soundscape with ease, supplying with the elements Dennis and Giovanni are looking for. Massimo plays in different projects, his love for music keeps him stuck on the piano keys 24/7. Wonder if he ever sleeps...

Fabrizio Mandolini, saxophone, very experienced and talented jazz saxophonist with an extremely long string of collaborations on his CV, his contribution in Dynamoe is vital, he adapts his style on the tracks in such a manner that leaves no alternatives, on the other hand, one couldn’t aspect otherwise from a musician of his caliber.

Loris Manca, violin, out of the classic conservatorium of Santa Cecilia in Rome, Loris is one of Giovanni old friend who happened to be visiting in the studio one day and happend to have his violin along, Giovanni and Dennis takes this opportunity and mikes him up, in between jokes, laughs and childhood memories they laid down the strings session of one of the most moody track of the album! Comin’ Home.

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