B&B International

Dub, reggae, hip hop and electronic elements have been the cornerstones of the sound of B&B International since the beginning of their musical journey in 2000. Their new EP ”Not Touching The Ground”, which is a collaboration with reggae singer Wendy Wonder, is a step in a more organic and live-sounding direction. It's all about proper songs, live instruments and intricate programming.

Having thoroughly explored the world of indie music in various bands during the 90's, Thomas Borre and Jesper Buhl began a series of informal musical sessions back in 2000, which gradually led to the formation of B&B International and their recording debut on the 2001 compilation ”homeBrew – A Danish Downbeat Compilation”. A host of releases followed on the homeBrew imprint in the following years, culminating with the album ”Hobbylab” and an appearance on the famous ”Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions” compilation series on the now defunct Guidance Recordings.

B&B International have collaborated with quite a few people; Carla Alexandar, Wendy Wonder, Daniel Sarstedt, Baby Love and the Van Dangos and Joy L. to name a few, and they have been involved with remix-projects with acts like Malkin Zany, Trentemøller, Banzai Republic, DJ 360 and Epo-555. Recent projects have included remixing for Junkyard Productions and co-producing on the new album ”Sambamuffin” by Carla Alexandar.


  • Not Touching The Ground (12” and digital Feb. 2007)
  • Decorated With Ornaments (12” – homeBrew 2003)
  • Clubbinhagen (Compilation CD – 2003)
  • 1st Lesson EP (12” – homeBrew – 2002)
  • homeBrew – A Danish Downbeat Compilation (CD – homeBrew – 2001)