DJ Magazine

Slow Train
Date: August 2004
Reviewer: Phill Cheeseman
Downtempo jazzy flawored grooves are the order fo the day on the original mix of this richly sung melodic tune from Lady Z and Morten Varano, but for our purposes we turn to the more uptempo remixes from Kid Massive and Soulmagic. Both opt for a similar Miguel Migs/ Kaskade/ Groove Junkies smooth groove, but Soulmagic aka Morten Trust, gets the nod thanks to a quite sublime deployment of keyboard hooks and sympathetic transplant of the vocal to a higher tempo. Possibly a little to deliacate and subtle for most house-based dancefloors; if only there were legal radio stations that would play records like this. Maybe one day there would be - maybe one day we´ll have to start one.