DJ Magazine

Slow Train
Date: July 2004
Reviewer: Yogi Haughton
If your taste in house encompasses both jazz and house music then this twelve should be an instant purchase for you. The original mix and radio edit are real laidback jazz numbers with brushed drums and tapped triangles that skim the steady mid-pace kick drum. Lush strings, a double bass achoing and muted trumpet are wrapped in blissful "La La laas" from the girls in the background, whils Z star lays down her atmospheric vocals. Kid Massive is first in line to offer up the house happenings with his licky bass-laden mix. The bullish bass is rounded off at the edges by gentle Rhodes and galopping conga ready for Z Stars vocal to take charge. The Soulmagic remix posesses an equally thich bass sound but here the patter is less frantic than Kid Massive´s programming..... The jazz mixes are definitely the highlight of this twelve.t